About Inasari

Inasari is women’s friend.

Inasari understands that all women are beautiful. Some can easily express their beauty and some need to take further steps to bring out the natural beauty of woman within them. Inasari is women’s friend to help elevate women fashion style of all personality for all occasions. Inasari wants to make it simple for every woman to dress for any occasion with a much affordable way. Inasari’s friends just need to find the collection according to the occasion. Inasari dedicates its time and effort to understand women and to dress up women. Hence, Inasari is niche for women’s need. Inasari hands pick the designs to assure the quality, so to make women look gorgeous and confident.

As women’s friend Inasari needs women’s feedback on its products and service so to better service all women and to make women even more beautiful and outstanding for all occasions. Inasari is growing and having more and more friends each day. New collection for all women’s need are on the way. So stay tuned!

Inasari is based in Singapore, one of the fascinating fashion cities in the world. But Inasari also have many friends across the border and is selling its products globally.

What’s more? Inasari encourages women to appreciate friendship and give a gift to lovely friends. Inasari is right here to help.

Thank you for being friend with Inasari. And we hope you enjoy the shopping at Inasari, because you are beautiful, you are confident, you are caring, you are stylish, and you deserve the best gift!

Inasari is the women’s online store.

Inasari is the women’s gift.