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Redefine your eyewear style!

Helen Keller Polarised Sunglasses is what you need to accompany your daily travel activity. It is your travel confidante. It gives you style, comfort, and it protects your eyes from ultraviolet light. The exquisite design will blend with your fashion style and without doubt flaunting your gorgeous look. Helen Keller sunglasses comes with a stylish pouch and soft cleaning cloth.

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Helen Keller. The spokesperson: Lin Chiling.

Helen Keller sunglasses is endorsed by the famous Chinese actress Lin Chiling. She is appointed as Helen Keller brand spokesperson. Her oriental style and wisdom of western learning experience interpret Helen Keller brand perfectly with the combination of eastern and western culture style. Her delicate confident gesture coincides with Helen Keller brand temperament.

Lin Chiling is a famous actress, model, singer, hostess. She was born in 1974 in Taipei, Taiwan, and graduated from the University of Toronto, Canada, with Western aesthetics and economics double degree. She is optimistic, cheerful, and her face is always with a confidence smile who is honored as the elegant goddess.

Helen Keller with Miss Lin Chiling will continue to dedicate the beautiful exquisite eye wear products to all women. It has become women’s favorite fashion jewelry and symbol.

HELEN KELLER. The product:

Helen Keller sunglasses products use top-grade imported acetate (acetate fiber [ET.TL.CATY (CA)]). It is formed by natural eco-friendly plant extracting fiber and acetylation hydrolysis. It feels cool and skin affinity. Brightly colored, multilevel color pattern with delicate and elegant glossy. It adopts ultra-hard oil Resistance TAC polarized technology and gradual colored Nylon lenses.

Helen Keller polarized technology effectively filter scattered light, eliminate the glare and block the sunlight. It brings cool and comfortable feel.

Helen Keller composite structure polarized lens, super filter of harmful light, worn on the different shapes of optical frames anytime, allow you to withstand the strong sunlight easily. The body and the fixing positions molded integrally of TR90, it’s more convenient and better stability than traditional clip-on lens. Fashion can be deft and effective, changing only in a moment.

Helen Keller, originated from USA, focus on superior material selection and exquisite handcraft, born with American fashion designs perfectly integrating Oriental aesthetics with international popular elements, self-confidence, elegant and romantic. It adopts the first class raw material and excellent craftsmanship.

Additional Notes.

HELEN KELLER, the person behind the brand name. The story:

Helen Keller, 1880-1968, known as a legendary women writer, educator, philanthropist, social activist, was named by “Times” for the 20th Century “American Idol and Hero”. Helen Keller was the first deaf-blind person to earn a bachelor of arts degree. The eyewear brand named after Helen Keller which wants to salute her legendary life, and deliver optimistic brand spirit by inventive design. And at the same time it pays a tribute to all women across the globe whom are positive, and never give up.

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